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Do you know an episode title, but not what season it's from? Episode titles are listed here alphabetically. If two episodes have the same or similar titles, the earlier is listed first, with the year noted on each. "Milestone" episodes also have additional notes. Note: "Lassie's Odyssey" and "The Odyssey" are both listed as people know the story under both names; "Well of Love" is also listed as "For the Love of Lassie."

"Agreement, The"
"Alias Jack and Joe"
"Alligator, The"
"Any Heart in a Storm"
"Apple Tree, The"
"Apron Strings"
"Archers, The"
"Artist, The"
"Awakening, The"
"Babes in the Woods"
"Baby Sitter, The" (first episode with Scott)
"Badger Game, The"
"Ballerina, The"
"Bear, The"
"Bee Hive"
"Bee Line"
"Berrypickers, The"
"Big Cat, The"
"Big Race, The"
"Bike, The"
"Bird House, The"
"Bird of Prey"
"Bird Watchers"
"Birth, The"
"Black Sheep, The"
"Black Woods, The"
"Blanket, The"
"Blessing, The"
"Blind Dog, The"
"Blind Soldier"
"Bloodhound, The"
"Bonnet, The"
"Bounty Hunter, The"
"Bows and Arrows"
"Boy's Day"
"Bracelet, The"
"Brat, The"
"Brink of Oblivion"
"Bundle from Britain, The"
"Burro, The"
"Burst of Freedom" (last Corey Stuart episode)
"Business, The"
"Calf, The"
"Camera, The"
"Career for Lassie, A"
"Carnival, The"
"Cat Who Came to Dinner, The"
"Cave, The"
"Challenge for Lassie, A"
"Challenge of the Mountain" (2 parts)
"Champ, The"
"Chance to Live, A"
"Charlie Banana"
"Charm, The"
"Chase, The" (1960)
"Chase, The" (1969)
"Child, The"
"Christmas Story, The" (1958; first Lassie Christmas story)
"Christmas Story, The" (1960)
"Chucka" (last episode with Bob Erickson and Scott Turner; also Neeka)
"Circle of Life"
"Cliff, The"
"Climb the Mountain Slowly"
"Clown, The"
"Colt, The"
"Contest, The" (1954)
"Contest, The" (1959)
"Convict, The"
"Cracker Jack"
"Cradle of the Deep"
"Crash, The"
"Crisis at Devil's Gorge"
"Crisis, The" (1957)
"Crisis" (1965)
"Crop Duster, The"
"Crow, The"
"Cry of the Wild"
"Cub Scout, The"
"Cully's Hound Dog"
"Cully's New Pet"
"Cully's Revenge"
"Danger Mountain"
"Dangerous Journey"
"Dawning, The" (last show of the series)
"Day of Darkness"
"Day of Devotion"
"Day of Disaster"
"Day of the Bighorn"
"Day of the Wolf"
"Day the Mountain Shook, The"
"Deadly Game"
"Deadly Goats"
"Deadly Surf"
"Decision" (introduces "Bozo," later "Silky")
"Deer Hunter, The"
"Deer, The"
"Desperate Search"
"Disappearance, The" (5 parts; introduces Corey Stuart)
"Dog Catcher, The"
"Dog House, The"
"Dog Show, The"
"Dognappers, The"
"Doll, The"
"Double Trouble"
"Dove, The"
"Doves of Santa Inez, The"
"Dream Builder"
"Dream Seeker"
"Eager Beaver"
"Eagle, The"
"Eagle's Dynasty"
"Eagle's Lair"
"Egret, The"
"Eighth Life of Henry IV, The"
"Elephant Sitters"
"Elephant, The" (1957)
"Elephant, The" (1960)
"Epidemic, The"
"Escape to Danger"
"Explorers, The"
"Father and Son"
"Father Ellen"
"Fawn Patrol"
"Fawn, The"
"Feathered Menace"
"Fighter, The"
"Fine Feathered Friend"
"Fire Watchers, The"
"Fish Conservation"
"Fish Out of Water"
"Fish Story, The"
"Flock of Love"
"Fly Away Home"
"Flying Grandpa, The"
"Flying Machine, The"
"Fog, The"
"Fools Gold"
"For the Love of Lassie" (2 parts)
"For Those Who Follow"
"Foundling, The"
"Friendless, The"
"Frog, The"
"Fur-Coated Killer"
"Fury at Wind River"
"Fury Falls" (first syndicated episode; introduces Ron Holden/Dale Mitchell)
"Garden, The"
"Gentle Dawn"
"Gentle Savage"
"Gentle Tiger, The"
"Gift of Life, The"
"Gift, The"
"Girl and a Boy, A" (2 parts)
"Glacier Canyon"
"Golden Eagle"
"Good-bye Forever"
"Goose, The"
"Gramps' Birthday"
"Grasshopper and the Ant, The"
"Greatest Gift, The"
"Greyhound, The" (1958)
"Greyhound, The" (1961)
"Growing Pains"
"Guardian, The"
"Guide Dog"
"Gun, The"
"Gypsies, The"
"Haircut, The"
"Hanford's Point" (3 parts)
"Harvesters, The"
"Haunted House"
"Have You Any Wool?"
"Hawk, The"
"Heat Wave"
"Her Master's Voice"
"Here Comes Glory!" (2 parts)
"Hermit, The"
"High Tension"
"High Water"
"Hike, The"
"Holocaust, The" (2 parts; introduces Bob Erickson and Scott Turner)
"Home Within a Home"
"Homecoming" (introduces Holden Ranch)
"Homeless, The"
"Homesick Hound, The"
"Homing Pigeon"
"Honor Bright" (last black and white episode)
"Horse Show, The"
"Horse Thief"
"Hospital, The"
"House Guest, The"
"Howling Hero"
"Hungry, Deer, The"
"In Case of Emergency"
"In the Eyes of Lassie"
"In the Midst of Splendor"
"Incident of the Eagle"
"Inheritance" (series premiere; introduces Jeff/Miller family)
"Injury, The"
"Innocents, The"
"Interlude of Mercy"
"It's an Ill Wind"
"Jeff's Moustache"
"Job, The"
"Johnny Piper"
"Journey, The" (1956)
"Journey, The" (5 parts, 1963; only farm story in color)
"Joyous Sound, A" (3 parts)
"Judas Goat"
"Judgment Seat"
"Junior Firemen"
"Junior GIs"
"Just One Old Cow"
"Killer, The"
"Kittens, The"
"Lady from Nevada" (introduces Matt Krebs)
"Ladybugs, The"
"Land Grabber, The"
"Lassie Adopts the Fire Chief"
"Lassie and the 4-H Boys"
"Lassie and the Birdwatch"
"Lassie and the Buffalo"
"Lassie and the Calf"
"Lassie and the Dynamite"
"Lassie and the Eagle"
"Lassie and the Flying Squirrels"
"Lassie and the Fugitive" (2 parts)
"Lassie and the Girl in the Canyon"
"Lassie and the Loner"
"Lassie and the Moving Mountain"
"Lassie and the Piglets"
"Lassie and the Rustler"
"Lassie and the Savage"
"Lassie and the Seagull"
"Lassie and the Shifting Sands"
"Lassie and the Swamp Girl"
"Lassie and the Tiger"
"Lassie and the Water Bottles"
"Lassie and the Winged Enemy"
"Lassie at the Grand Canyon"
"Lassie Baits a Bear"
"Lassie Catches the Poachers"
"Lassie Counts Sheep"
"Lassie Meets a Challenge" (series in color thereafter)
"Lassie Saves a Life"
"Lassie the Voyager" (7 parts)
"Lassie to the Rescue"
"Lassie Works a Miracle"
"Lassie's Busy Day"
"Lassie's Day"
"Lassie's Decision"
"Lassie's Double"
"Lassie's Fish Story"
"Lassie's Gift of Love" (2 parts)
"Lassie's Good Deed"
"Lassie's Guest" (last episode with Boomer)
"Lassie's Interlude" (begins "Lassie on her own" sequence)
"Lassie's Litter Bit"
"Lassie's Lonely Burden"
"Lassie's Odyssey" (3 parts; first multi-part Lassie story)
"Lassie's Ordeal"
"Lassie's Protege"
"Lassie's Pups"
"Lassie's Race for Life"
"Lassie's Rescue Mission"
"Lassie's Teamwork"
"Lassie's Time of Peril"
"Lassie's Vanity"
"Lassie's Wild Baby"
"Last Chance"
"Last Frontier" (introduces Neeka)
"Leash, The"
"Leave It to Lassie and the Beavers"
"Ledge, The "
"Legend of the Coyote"
"Lion, The"
"Little Cabbage"
"Little Christmas Tree, The"
"Little Dog Lost"
"Little Jim"
"Local Elections"
"Lonely One, The"
"Long Chase"
"Long Ears"
"Look Homeward, Lassie" (3 parts)
"Loser, The"
"Lure of the Wild"
"Mad Dog, The"
"Man from Mars, The"
"Marauder, The"
"Mascot, The"
"Matter of Pride, A"
"Matter of Seconds, A"
"Maverick, The"
"Miracle of the Dove"
"Miracle, The"
"Monster, The"
"More Than Meets the Eye"
"Most Dangerous Game"
"Mother, The"
"Mountain Mystery"
"Moved Monument, The"
"Mr. Peabody"
"Mushers, The"
"Mustang" (2 parts)
"Mysterious Intruder, The"
"Nature's Child"
"Nature's Way"
"Nest, The"
"Nest, The"
"Never Look Back"
"New Horizon"
"New Refrigerator, The"
"Newspaper, The"
"Night of the Ghost"
"No Greater Love"
"No Margin for Error"
"Odyssey, The" (3 parts; first multi-part Lassie story)
"Offering, The"
"Old Henry"
"Old Man in the Forest, The"
"Once Upon a Horse"
"Operation Woodland"
"Orphan of the Wild"
"Ostrich, The"
"Other Pastures, Other Fences"
"Our Gal"
"Out of the Frying Pan"
"Outcast, The"
"Outlaw, The"
"Owl, The"
"Parrot, The"
"Partnership, The"
"Party Line"
"Paths of Courage" (2 parts)
"Patriot, The"
"Peace is Our Profession" (4 parts)
"Peace Patrol"
"Penguin, The"
"Perils of the Prairie"
"Phone Hog, The"
"Pied Piper, The"
"Pigeon, The"
"Pit, The"
"Place for Everything, A"
"Pony, The"
"Price of Wisdom"
"Project Bluebirds"
"Protectors, The"
"Puppet, The"
"Puppy Sitter, The"
"Puppy Story, The"
"Quick Brown Fox"
"Rabbits, The"
"Raccoon, The"
"Raffle, The"
"Raft, The"
"Realm of the Wild"
"Renegade, The"
"Rescue Ridge"
"Rescue, The"
"Return Home, The"
"Return of the Charm"
"Ride the Mountain"
"Rim of Disaster" (2 parts)
"Ring, The"
"Rival, The"
"River, The"
"Road Back, The" (4 parts)
"Rock Hound"
"Rocking Chair, The"
"Run to Nowhere" (2 parts)
"Runaway, The" (1957; introduces Timmy)
"Runaways" (1955)
"Runt, The"
"Rustlers, The"
"Sale of Lassie"
"Samaritans, The"
"Schemer, The"
"School, The"
"Sea Serpent"
"Search for Yesterday"
"Search, The" (1957)
"Search, The" (1961)
"Searchers, The"
"Seeing Eye Dog"
"Senor Coyote"
"Sermon, The"
"Show Dog"
"Silent Threat, The"
"Silver Soldier"
"Sky is Falling, The"
"Snake, The"
"Sneakers" (last "Lassie on her own" episode)
"Snob, The"
"Space Traveler, The"
"Spartan, The"
"Specialist for Lassie, A"
"Square Dance, The"
"Stable Mates"
"Stalker, The"
"Stamp Album, The"
"Star Reporter"
"Storm, The" (Hugh Reilly/June Lockhart join cast; introduces Boomer)
"Stranger in the Woods"
"Strongest Instinct, The"
"Success Story"
"Sudden Fury"
"Suit, The"
"Sulky Race, The"
"Sunday School"
"Superstition Canyon"
"Survival" (1957)
"Survival" (1969)
"Survival, The" (1970)
"Swallows of Los Pinos, The"
"Tartan Queen"
"Taste of Freedom, A"
"Teacher, The"
"Tell It to the Birds"
"Temper the Wind"
"Tempest" (2 parts)
"Three Alarm"
"Time for Courage, A"
"Time for Decision, A"
"Time for Giving, A"
"Time of Crisis"
"Timmy and the Martians"
"Timmy, the Oil Millionaire"
"Timmy's Family"
"To Catch a Crow"
"Tooth, The"
"Town That Wouldn't Die, The"
"Track of the Jaguar" (2 parts)
"Transition" (Gramps dies; introduces Martins)
"Trapped" (1958)
"Trapped" (1967)
"Treasure, The" (2 parts)
"Tree, The"
"Treehouse, The"
"Trial, The"
"Trip, The"
"Trouble at Paradise Lake"
"Trouble Below Zero"
"Trouble Tracks"
"Troubled Waters"
"Twister, The" (1955)
"Twister, The" (1963)
"UNICEF Story, The"
"Untamed Land, The"
"Unwanted, The"
"Vet, The"
"Vigil of the Stork"
"Vigil" (1957)
"Vigil, The" (1966)
"Vindication of Relentless, The"
"Violin, The"
"Visiting Colt"
"Visitor, The" (1956)
"Visitor, The" (1973)
"Waif, The"
"Wallaby, The"
"War Dog"
"Warm Heart—Cold Nose"
"Watch Dog, The"
"Watch, The"
"Water Boy" (first episode with Cully Wilson)
"Wayfarers, The" (3 parts; last episode with Martins and Cully, first with Corey Stuart as regular)
"Weasel Warfare"
"Well of Love" (2 parts)
"Well, The"
"What Price Valor?" (2 parts)
"White-Faced Bull, The"
"White Wilderness"
"Whitewater Fury"
"Whopper, The"
"Wild Duck, The"
"Wild Horse, The"
"Winged Attack"
"Winged Rescue"
"Wings of the Ghost"
"Winner, The"
"Witch, The"
"Wolf Cub, The"
"Wrong Gift, The"
"Year of Sundays, A"
"Yochim's Christmas"
"Young Flyers, The"

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