Episode Guide:
Season 18


Please note that I have seen every episode of Lassie as listed in this guide. Therefore, although the titles and dates of these episodes have been gleaned from other sources (as cited on the contents page to this episode guide), any description and comments are mine.

Regular Cast:
Garth Holden: Ron Hayes
Sue Lambert: Sherry Boucher
Ron Holden: Skip Burton
Dale Mitchell: Larry Wilcox
Lucy Baker: Pamelyn Ferdin
The Boys:
Mike Bishop: Joshua Albee
Willy Carson: Radames Pera
Lane: Stuart Lee
Andy Lopez: Mark Miranda
Semi-Regular Cast:
Karl Burkholm: Karl Swenson
Elaine Baker: Jay W. MacIntosh

Lassie's final two seasons were seen in syndication. In an effort to give the show back some "home roots," Lassie was now based at the Holden Ranch, run by Garth Holden, who kept the place as a foster home for abandoned boys. This should have provided the series with some good adventure stories, but new restrictions on the content of children's television programs plus efforts to keep the show "relevant" managed to curtail what adventure could be shown. The series unfortunately reverted to heavy-handed morality tales that wove the story around the theme rather than vice versa.

(NOTE: Since the series was in syndication, it appeared on different days/dates in different parts of the country. The dates that follow are the New York City telecast dates.)

"Fury Falls" (10/07/71):
A hawk Lassie rescues from entanglement in kite string returns the favor when the coyote pup Lassie has befriended is threatened by a snake. But it's Lassie herself who then must be rescued by Ron Holden and Dale Mitchell, two young men on a hiking trip, after she must save the hapless pup from nearby rapids.
   • Note: As a link to earlier episodes, Ron mentions that he once did some work for the Forest Service and they had a collie who was "special."
"Search for Yesterday" (10/14/71):
Now accompanied by Lassie, Ron and Dale have the gold they have been placer mining assayed—and just for the heck of it, buy an old treasure map and go in search of a gold mine. Once they find the place, however, their search is endangered by fire heading for some old dynamite left in a shed. Ben Wiggins: Frank Ferguson.
   • Note: Directly follows "Fury Falls"; we learn more about Dale's past as a troublemaker before he was taken in by Ron's father, Garth. Ferguson, of course, played Lassie's original vet, Dr. Wilson, in the Jeff episodes.
"Trouble Tracks" (10/21/71):
Lassie befriends a trouble-prone mutt who is mascot of an old railroad spur line.
"Wings of the Ghost" (10/28/71):
The boys and Lassie sleep in an old barn that appears to be haunted.
"Homecoming" (11/04/71):
Ron and Dale return to the Holden Ranch, where Lassie is welcomed by Garth Holden and his foster sons, including Mike Bishop, an almost withdrawn little boy who never knew his parents and who has never even had a birthday. Lane: Stuart Lee. Andy: Mark Miranda (who formerly played "Neeka"). Karl Burkholm: Karl Swenson. Sue Lambert: Sherry Boucher.
   • Note: The new format of the series officially takes over here. Mike's little Appaloosa pony is introduced, as well as Sue, the animal park as refuge for unwanted wild pets and zoo animals. Karl, a baker, is also introduced, and you see a little of Solvang, California, the nearby Danish community.
"Orphan of the Wild" (11/11/71):
Mike is still feeling shy and out of place until he helps nurse an injured owl at the local animal park where the Holdens' veterinarian works. Sue: Sherry Boucher.
"Day of Disaster" (11/18/71):
While in town picking up a gift for Garth, Ron is knocked unconscious when an earthquake strikes, and when he comes to, Lassie has escaped from the truck. As he and the dog search for each other, Lassie helps fellow animals dislocated by the quake, and Ron enlists his father in the search. Barbara: Barbara Wells. Nurse: Alice Frost.
   • Note: This episode was filmed in the debris left over from the 1971 Sylmar earthquake. The sign on the church bulletin board at the end says: "In all things it is better to hope than to despair....Goethe"
"The Schemer" (11/25/71):
Ron and Lassie return home from a trip to find Mike has adopted a raccoon from the wild animal park—and "Rags" is immediately jealous of Lassie. Soon dog and raccoon are embroiled in a feud, endangering both of them on a house construction site when a fire breaks out.
"The Flying Grandpa" (12/02/71):
Mike befriends Henry Newton, who flies a Curtis Pusher at airshows under the name "The Flying Grandpa," when his aircraft breaks down in the Holden pasture. His long involved tall tales of bravery during air feats impress the boy, but bother Garth, who thinks Newton's lies might backfire. And when a bear charges Newton and Mike, the elderly man finds out they do. Newton: Richard Haydn.
   • Trivia: Mike's little grey Appaloosa pony is named "Apple."
   • Note: Another Sound of Music alumni visits Lassie: Haydn was Max the empresario in that movie. We really could have done without Garth's five minute lecture to Henry; let him learn his lesson on his own.
"Mustang" part 1 (12/09/71):
While Garth and Dale survey rangeland to see if it's suitable for grazing cattle, they see a herd of wild horses and a young white stallion challenging the older black leader; Garth predicts the white horse will soon succeed in ousting the older one. When he does, even driving the injured black stallion away from water, Lassie tries to lead him to safety before he collapses.
   • Note: Introduces Midnight.
"Mustang" part 2 (12/16/71):
As Lassie gently leads the stallion back to the Holden Ranch, Garth and Dale leave food and drink for the animal, hoping he will choose himself to live at the ranch.
"Roundup" (01/13/72):
Ron and Dale, home from college, go out on the annual stray roundup and make a bet on which of them will find the most cattle. But it's Lassie who gets the jump on them, helps a calf stuck in quicksand, and then must help Ron when he's thrown from his horse.
"Dream Seeker" (01/20/72):
Ron and Dale, spending two days camping at Pine Lake before returning to college, pick up a boy that Dale can sense is "on the run." Sure enough, once he leaves them he builds a campsite in the woods. When the boys find his camp in the woods, he steals one of the motorcycles they've rented. Willy Carson: Radames Pera.
"Peace is Our Profession" part 1 (01/28/72):
Lassie accompanies Garth to Vandenberg Air Force Base, where Garth will be best man at the wedding of Pat, one of his foster sons. After Pat and his partner Dave Winton, along with Air Force chaplain Kenneth Stone, take Garth to witness a Minuteman missile launch, Lassie becomes involved with a snow goose who has laid her eggs in a missile launching area. Pat: Robert Dunlap. Lt. Colonel Stone: Jack Ging. General Davis: Philip Bourneuf. Voice of Range Control Officer: H. Lloyd Nelson.
   • Trivia: Chaplain Stone helped Garth start his ranch for boys. He is transferring to March Air Force Base to start a program for disabled children called "CHAP, Children Have a Potential," but is presently assigned to Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska. He is a 16-year veteran of the Air Force.
   • Note: Nice footage of 70s-era Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
"Peace is Our Profession" part 2 (02/04/72):
Lassie violates missile range space to rescue the goose from an upcoming launch. With the goslings safely hatched, she accompanies Chaplain Stone to help him with his children's project, but first back to his post at Offut. There Lassie befriends a diabetic poodle named Sparky who stows away on the "Looking Glass," the Strategic Air Command's airborne command post, to be with his owner—but he hasn't had his daily insulin shot. Col. Gene Cameron: Frank Aletter. Stone: Jack Ging. Voice of Range Control Officer: H. Lloyd Nelson.
   • Note: More vintage footage of a missile launch at Vandenburg, plus slides and later footage of a vanished piece of military history, the Looking Glass, the airborne base of the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War.
"Peace is Our Profession" part 3 (02/11/72):
Sparky is found aboard the Looking Glass, but, as the 8-hour tour of duty continues, he begins to show signs of sinking into a diabetic coma. In the nick of time, Cameron's Looking Glass flight is permitted to land early and Sparky is saved. Later, at his new post at March Air Force Base, Lassie and Col. Stone meet Jimmy Fredericks, a boy who wears a leg brace and who has rejected God because of his lameness. Stone: Jack Ging. Col. Gene Cameron: Frank Aletter. Jimmy: Stephen Hudis. Gail Fredericks: Nina Shipman.
   • Note: More vintage footage of the B-52 aircraft used as the Looking Glass.
"Peace is Our Profession" part 4 (02/18/72):
When Jimmy's father's aircraft is stricken with a power failure that may impede the lowering of the landing gear and cause the plane to crash, the boy must re-examine his faith as he awaits the outcome. Jimmy: Stephen Hudis. Stone: Jack Ging. Gail Fredericks: Nina Shipman. Jim Fredericks: Ryan MacDonald. Co-Pilot: Dan Barton. Colonel Bill Morgan: Kenneth Tobey.
   • Note: The four-part story also features Murray MacLeod, Richard Tretter, Harry Holcombe, William Sylvester, and Donald Briggs in the cast. Thanks to Sharon Turner for additional cast details. More footage of B-52 aircraft and also emergency procedures at US air bases is shown. The prayer at the end says:
Lord, guard and guide
the men who fly
through the great
spaces of the sky,
Be with them
traversing the air in
darkening storms or sunshine fair.
"Paths of Courage" part 1 (02/25/72):
Hoping to help his self-esteem, Garth has taken Jimmy Fredericks back to the ranch with him. There the uncertain boy meets Lucy Baker, a girl who's been deaf most of her life, and her pet wolf Mountie. But while Jimmy and Lucy get to know each other, Mountie, playing with Lassie, is shot by a shepherd who doesn't know he's a pet. Jimmy: Stephen Hudis. Andy: Mark Miranda.
   • Trivia: Lucy and Jimmy are both twelve. The Bakers have just moved onto the old Johannsen place. Elaine Baker works in Solvang.
"Paths of Courage" part 2 (03/03/72):
After Lucy and Jimmy find Mountie in the cave where Lassie has hidden him, Lucy sends Jimmy for help on her horse. He is frightened to do so, but does so for her sake, and despite being thrown, finds Domenic, the shepherd who shot Mounty. Meanwhile, Lassie returns to the ranch. Jimmy: Stephen Hudis.
"Circle of Life" (03/10/72):
When Mountie weakens and then dies, even normally optimistic Lucy cannot understand and sinks into depression, so Sue asks her to help out at the wild animal park to take her mind off her loss. Eventually Lucy begins taking an interest in the animals, including a llama about to give birth. Sue: Joan Freeman.
   • Trivia: Lucy is staying with the Holdens while her mother's away. She mentions having gotten a letter from Jimmy.

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